a little bit about my family...  

My day to day is filled with the normal busy...preschool, middle school, lunches, tea parties, dragon battles, legos, church, work, homework, and sometimes tidying up from the whirlwind that is life.  But I love that I'm at a place that I can slow down and cherish these times that I know will go by way too quickly.  Oftentimes I put my camera down when it comes to family time but now and then I manage to capture a few photos.


Having little ones, who seem to have come with an extra amount of energy, has made me all the more aware of how tricky it can be to take photos, but I also think it's made me that much better of a photographer.  I've become quite skilled at the art of distraction, catching random sweet looks, being QUICK, and most importantly having fun!  

I love my crazy family so much, I'm blessed.